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Sustainable Crafting Made Easy

Beginner friendly sewing patterns to help you create and learn.

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Beginner Tutorials

Want to watch a tutorial and actually know what is going on?! I know when I started my sewing journey, it was so hard to find patterns that was as detailed and helpful as I needed.

Embroidery Machine Designs

Explore our collection of embroidery machine designs, all available for free! Let your creativity run wild with endless possibilities for adding a personal touch to your projects. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, these designs are perfect for adding a unique flair to your creations. Download now and start stitching away!

Community and Support

Join our vibrant crafting community and connect with fellow crafters. Share your projects, ask questions, and get feedback from our supportive community. We're here to help you grow your crafting skills and make lasting connections.

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Crafting tips and tricks for beginners

What You'll Find Here:


How-To Videos

Learn the art of sewing patterns with our comprehensive video tutorials designed specifically for beginners. Our step-by-step videos will walk you through the process, making it easy to create your own stylish items. From understanding pattern markings to mastering various sewing techniques, our videos are thorough and incredibly helpful. Start your sewing journey today with our beginner-friendly tutorials!

FREE Printable Patterns

Simply click on the patterns provided to access our selection of free printable sewing patterns. These patterns are designed to make it effortless for you to follow along with the step-by-step video tutorial. Download, print, and start sewing your next project with ease!


Unique Sustainable Projects

I source my materials from thrifted or gifted fabrics, giving new life to forgotten textiles and reducing waste in the process. Sewing sustainable projects is not just a passion, but a conscious decision to contribute positively to the environment. Each piece I create is a unique blend of creativity and eco-consciousness, making a statement through style and sustainability.

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My name is Melissa and I am the face behind North of Normal.

As a mother, fiancée, and passionate crafter, I pour my heart and soul into creating beautiful crafts. I find inspiration in various sources and love the process of turning ideas into works of art.

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