Beginner Crochet

Below are some tips that were helpful to me on my beginner crochet journey!

Types of Yarn Packaging

Project Research

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When I started my very first projects, I would go to the fabric store and purchased a few skeins of yarn in colors I liked. When I got home and started working on the projects, I realized I didn’t buy proper yarn for the projects I was making.

Takeaway: Do your research on the project materials (yarn!) before you buy for and start the project.

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Crochet Hook Type/Material

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Another overwhelming aspect when starting out, which crochet hooks should I get? I had started out with one bamboo hook (5.0mm) and realized I needed other sizes for different projects. I went on Amazon, searched ‘crochet hooks’ and WOW are there options. I went with the cheapest kit, with the best value. You can see which i purchased here. In the end, I realized everybody has their own preference. I think i enjoy using the bamboo one most, however the ergonomic ones do make my hands hurt less.

Takeaway: Crochet hook material is a preference, try different materials out and see what you like best!

Photo: Bamboo Crochet Set – Amazon

Smaller Projects First

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Crocheting can be a little frustrating at first. For me, those small satisfactions of finishing a project kept me going and trying more. Start off your crochet journey with smaller projects like cup cozy’s, hat’s, and pumpkins. Save the blankets and sweaters for after you’ve mastered the stitch!

Takeaway: Start with smaller, quicker projects first.

Photo: My first pumpkin

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