Beginner Twist Headband

These are THE PERFECT quick gift, stocking stuffer, etc. Last Christmas, when I had a gift that I felt was missing a personal touch (i.e. gift cards), I would add one of these to the gift bag; my friends and family loved it! It’s an all around practical and thoughtful gift, that happens to be cheap and really quick to make! 😛

I also make these to keep in my car during winter, it’s really nice to have as a ‘just in case’ item. Here are two different interpretations of the twist headband that I have made. I’ll link the websites where I found the FREE patterns!

The pattern for this headband came from .

The pattern for this headband came from Kay Krochets

They both work up extremely fast, are easily adjustable for different yarns/head sizes and they are adorable for all ages!

Happy crocheting,


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