Which Crochet Hook Should You Buy?

Crochet hooks are made in many different materials, sizes, and shapes. How does one know which is the best option for them!?

Crochet Hook Materials

Crochet hooks can be made out of many different types of materials. Below I’ll list some of those materials and the benefit of those materials.

  • Steel – Used in a lot of the smaller hooks. Steel is great for detail work like dollies.
  • Aluminum – Very popular hook choice. They are very affordable and have a nice, easy to use, finish.
  • Plastic – Also very affordable and popular choice. They can come in all sizes and are available in a wide variety of fun colors.
  • Bamboo & Wood – These materials feel soft and warm. They come in most sizes and have a very sophisticated look to them.
  • Tunisian – (aka Afghan) – Longer than regular crochet hooks. Tunisian crochet is special type of crochet that looks more similar to knitting. You work multiple stitches onto the hook, similar to knit.
  • Ergonomic – Larger handles that create an easier grip. Especially for those with conditions such as carpal tunnel or arthritis.
  • Light Up Hook – A hook with a light on it. GENIOUS. For those late nights or movie nights where you don’t want to or can’t have the lights on. I have a long commute everyday and these are great for those dark winter car rides home.
  • Knook – Like Tunisian, Knook is another variation of regular crochet. The Knook crochet has a small hole at the end where you thread a cord for holding your stitches.

My favorite Hooks:

When I started crocheting, i bought two Crochet Hook Sets, one with smaller hooks, and one with the larger hooks. Both VERY affordable. The first two sets below are the ones I use most regularly, however I really do enjoy the feel of the bamboo hooks (third link below). Links to purchase these sets are provided below the images.

This is not an ad or affiliate link, I personally purchased and enjoy these products.

Crochet Hook Set 6.5mm-10mm
Small Crochet Hook Set 2mm-6mm
Bamboo Crochet Set
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