DIY Crochet Christmas Gifts

Photo by on Unsplash

When I think about what to give others for Christmas there’s a list of criteria I always keep in mind:

  • Expense – Luckily for me, my family sets pretty reasonable gift limits for Christmas. Typically my immediate family spends $40 or less for Christmas gifts (per person). My siblings and I usually do a separate gift exchange and put a $20 gift limit for our gifts.
  • Usefulness – I want the person to actually have a use for my gifts. I’m not a fan of gifts that just sit on the a shelf or will be shoved in a drawer until it’s thrown away.
  • Thoughtfulness – I try and listen to people throughout the year and when someone says they want something or are interested in something, I’ll write that item down on my iPhone Notes App. Then when they open it, I can reference that time in August when they mentioned they’ve thought about getting a Netflix account many times, and I bought them a 6 month subscription to try it out!

That’s why I LOVE crocheting gifts. #1 it’s very affordable, #2 you can make the item based on the needs for that person, #3 a homemade gift, in my opinion, is the most thoughtful type of gift you can give.

Top 5 Crochet Gift Ideas

Winter Wear. You can never go wrong with the classic hat & scarf or hat & mittens. Keep in mind I live in North Dakota. You can never have to many hats, mittens or scarfs in ND.

Mug Cozy with Gift Card. The best of both worlds, you give them something homemade (thoughtful), useful, AND it can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want!

Homemade Crochet Basket with Goodies. This is a great gift for anybody, because you can adjust the ‘goodies’ to fit the person. Have a lotion/bath lover? Fill it with soaps and bath bombs! Movie lover? Fill it with a couple of movies, microwave popcorn and candy! You get the idea!

Washcloth & Scrubbies. A more practical gift, but still very thoughtful and cute.

Cozy Crochet Blanket. Who doesn’t love being gifted a blanket?

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